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See myself as a Consultant rather than a Salesperson.

I see myself as a consultant, a friend, a helper rather than a salesperson, to provide solutions to my clients. Below are the services offer by my company to value add our clients. Basically we provide wide range of services in related to Financial Planning.

FORTRESS offers a range of specialist services tailored to your individual unique set of goals to fulfill and constraints to consider:

Insurance and Risk Management Planning

Keyman Protection

Employees’ Benefits Scheme

Assets Protection

Life Protection

Income Protection

Medical Card & Health Insurance

Personal Accident Protection


Money Management Planning

Net Worth Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis

Budget Variance Analysis

Mortgage Analysis


Wealth Accumulation and Investment Planning

Stocks & Shares


Alternative Investment

Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts

Money Market Investment

Endowment Saving Plan

Land Banking


Retirement Planning

EPF Optimization & Maximization

Inflation Analysis

 Assets & Capital Preservation




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