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Testimonial 评语

  • Tan Jason (Connaught)

From the meet up with Leo, found that he explained the financial knowledge in such a simple but powerful way which bring a great impact to me. I’ve learnt a lot from him and thankful to his sincere sharing which benefits me a lot. Really grateful I know him at this young age so that I can start do my personal financial planning!

  • Low Weng Sum (Cheras)

I feel good!! (NTV7). After meeting up with Leo, I only realized he is totally different with other insurance agent because he tailored my need accordingly by just buying one policy not by asking me buy more and more! I’m also understand the importance of insurance to me and my family members! I love him for his guidance!!

  • Cindy Lee (Kepong)

1st impression of Leo is he is too young but after that my perception totally changed! He is so knowledgable in financial literacy and assist me to design my desire retirement planning. He is my light who guides me to protect my old times and live with style!

  • Chua Soon Kit (Ampang)

换车,花钱,买衣,clubbing, smoking 是我的生活方式。每个月赚接近5位数也是不够用的,卡都给我刷到爆了!财务危机尽在眼前,所以就决定好好开始自己的规划,跟着Leo的意见,把花费记录下来,可以节省下来的,都尽量不花,每个月固定把钱存在计划里,强制我存钱(好过拿去逛街花钱),希望未来有一笔钱,可以环游世界,正在努力当中,谢谢!


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