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Discover an Investment of 30% Return within 30 Months

Continue from my previous post, how many of you have been running away from Stock Market in May and currently the Stock Market is still very volatile and dynamic due to several reasons. Some people get burnt and phobia towards stock market and looking for other investment tools where provide consistent returns and low risk.

Today I gonna share with you a solid investment where assured 30% return within 30 months. It’s a Real-Estate Investment, however it’s different with Land Banking. How land value increase over time?

Let’s check it out from below diagram:

1) Agriculture Stage & Planning Stage (Land Bank)

The 1st stage of the land is called Raw Land. At this stage, the value of the land is still very low and for it to increase, the planners must come in. Basically they buy land and wait. They do planning and wait for approval. Once the land is approved, it’s sold to 2nd stage (Development).

2) Development Stage

This is where the developers come in. These guys know how long they need to develop the land and the cost of building this land. So this is where the developers, builders and construction companies all of them work together to develop the land.

3) End User Stage

The reason why the value is going up and down is because what we call the Speculative Stage. At this stage the value can go up sometimes, and it also goes down. So some people flip the market, they buy low and sell high but some people get burn when they buy high and sell low.

Designer Stage

(1st Stage)


(2nd Stage)


(3rd Stage)

Time ?





Return ?





1st Stage

When we look at this full cycle, we call 1st stage as the Designer Stage because they are just designing the land. So when you look at Time Vs Return, you won’t know how long you’ve to invest and what kind of the return you’ll be getting. Sometimes Land Bankers will tell you is 4-6 years, it can be 4 or 6, there were time there are 6+4, and there were incidents when there were 6×4! It’s a good investment but you must have a very powerful holding power in this stage.

2nd Stage

The 2nd stage is what we called the Calculative Stage, at this stage, these guys know what is the cost and time frame that they are looking at so they know how long they’ve to invest and what kind of return they’ll be getting. In fact, if you look at this stage, this is the stage where most tycoons make their money, look at the richest man in Asia, Lee Kah Seng of Hong Kong, look at Donald Trumph – the real estate tycoon! They are all in this stage.

3rd Stage

This is what we called the Speculative stage. At this stage again if you flip the market you won’t know how long you’ve to invest and what kind of return you’re going into.

Our investment is entering at earlier of 2nd stage and we exit at just before 3rd Stage. We buy the land, the developers, the builders, the construction companies build houses on our lands, and they sell it to end users. Within 30 months, if the end users do not buy back from us, the master developers must buy back from us. And it’s all stated in the contract. Let me show you what is the project is about in the next post! =)

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