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Public Mutual New Fund.

Due to request, I have highlighted summary of the public mutual new fund. This is the recommendation to my friends who are keen in investing unit trust. For more details kindly contact me =) Thanks..

Public Far-East Alpha-30 Fund

大众远东Alpha-30 基金


Main Feature

To achieve capital appreciation over the medium to long term period by investing in up to a maximum of 30 stocks listed on domestic and regional markets.


Market Invested

The fund may invest in selected Far-East markets which include South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Australia and other permitted markets.


Investor Profile

–          Aggressive risk-reward temperament

–          Medium to Long term horizon

–          Can withstand extended periods of market highs and lows in pursuit of capital growth


Offer Period

6 April 2010 – 26 April 2010

(21 Days)



NAV per unit: RM 0.2500

Service charge: During offer period 5.00% – 5.50%

  After offer period 5.50%


Why invest in Public Mutual Far-East Alpha-30 Fund???

Benefits of investing in PFA30F:

-Allows investors the opportunity to participate in the long-term growth potential of a portfolio comprising up to 30 stocks in domestic and regional markets.

– Allows the fund manager to adopt a more focused investment strategy.

– Enables investors to participate in higher potential returns over the medium- to long-term as the fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of stocks.


Selection for 30 stocks?

•Fundamental research

– Financial health, industry prospects, management quality & past track record

• Valuation benchmark

– PE Ratio

– Price/NTA

– Dividend yields


Among the sectors that the fund will look to invest in:

• Financial

• Healthcare

• Building Materials

• Consumer

• Technology

* But not only limited to the above sectors.


Financial Sector

• With the global economy stabilising, banks earnings will improve as interest rates normalise and loans profit margins expand.

• Recovery of non-performing loans will gain pace.


Healthcare Sector

• Growing affluence in the Asian economies will increase demand for better healthcare services.

• Medical insurance coverage in Asia is still low compared to developed countries.


Building Material Sector

• To benefit from the increase in infrastructure & construction spending following Asia’s economic stimulus package and the recovery in the property sector.


Consumer Sector

• To capitalise on Asia’s robust economic recovery and improvement in consumer sentiment.

• To benefit from Asia’s rising disposable incomes and vast population base.

• Retracement in share prices of some consumer stocks provides investment opportunities.


Technology Sector

• To capitalise on the global economic recovery and improving consumer sentiment.

• Global demand for tech products & services is expected to turnaround and support the recovery of IT spending.


What are the prospects of regional equity market?

– Strong rebound in 2009:

1. Accommodative monetary policies

2. Government stimulus spending

– Growth in regional markets remain underpinned by accommodative real interest rates and resilient liquidity.

– Expected to outpace developed economies in 2010.

ASIAN Market Performance 2009

Country 2009 (%)
North Asia  
China 79.98
Taiwan 78.34
Hong Kong 52.02
South Korea 49.65
South East Asia & Pacific  
Indonesia 86.98
Singapore 64.49
Malaysia 45.17
Thailand 63.25
Philippines 63.00
Australia 23.32
South Asia  
India 81.30


All Asian economies are expected to register positive growth in 2010 on the back of resilient consumer & investment expenditure. In fact, the emerging of middle income class in Asia is one the factors.

Happy invest! =]


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  1. By the way, Public Mutual Ittikal, Regular Savings, and Natural Resources are very good fund to take into consideration.

    Comment by Leo Yek | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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