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Wealth Accumulation Strategy (real life practice)

Everything start from zero and getting one from zero is the most difficult step. However,   many people manage to do it, include you too. If you are just enter the society or school leaver or fresh graduates, please take notes for it.


In the very first place, we need to use our energy to earn money. We need to work to earn money as there is no free lunch for you  in  this world. It might consume your energy, time, and even worst health to earn the money. Just as we work as a sales executive, we need to use our energy and time to deal with customer or we need to have some socialize that need you to drink or smoke in some circumstances which affect your health. This is what called using your energy to earn money.

In the second steps, we use money to earn money. After earning money through our energy, we try not to use energy to earn money anymore as we grow older we have lesser energy to work. At that time, we use money to earn money through investing. we can choose investing in stocks, unit trust, bond, property and business too. The harder our money work for us, the richest we will be. By the same time, we need actively look after our investment especially if we invest in stock market.

Finally, we use time to earn money. Using time to earn money is a slow process. It might take several years to a few decades. The best way to let time help us to earn money is through investing in property and vacant land. Through property and vacant land, its value will appreciate in times. We do nothing but just wait for value appreciation.


The above three strategies or secrets are how ordinary people become rich. Most of the people stuck at the first step. They use their energy to earn money until retire or even extend their retirement age. That group of people never get out of their rat race. If you want to get rich, this is what you got to do, use money to earn money and use time to earn money!

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